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Who was Casey?

Casey was the first ferret we adopted from the local shelter.  He was a beautiful, noble silver with soulful eyes that seemed to permeate every aspect of your being.  He chose us that day – clinging to us, and giving us kisses.  We couldn’t leave without him.

After a few weeks, it became obvious that Casey was suffering from insulinoma, a disease which unfortunately is common in ferrets these days.  He was put on a regimen of prednisone, and we were instructed to feed a high protein and high fat diet, with very little carbohydrates and absolutely no sugar.

He was finicky though, wanting to only eat the mediocre kibble he was raised on.  However, if we moistened high-protein, high-fat kibble into a gruel-like texture, he would eat that.  Sometimes we would add a little chicken baby food to the gruel, or a little of the duck soup mix found on pet store shelves.

This was as far as we got with Casey as well as his brother and sister.  We’d try to feed them pieces of meat or eggs, but they would sniff and walk away.

When we helped Casey cross the rainbow bridge in February 2008, our passion to feed our other ferrets more natural foods was renewed.  We did our research, chose a brand, and started supplementing their already high-quality kibble with a natural meal once or twice a day.  They ate it up!  (pun intended!)  Within a few weeks the change was noticeable: soft fur, healthier teeth and gums, more energy, bright eyes, and just plain happier.

Wanting to add variety to their natural meals, we continued our research into other brands of commercial raw diets.  What you find in Casey’s Hidden Pantry are some of the foods we currently feed our posse of six ferrets.  We hope you decide to enrich the lives of your pets by giving these foods a try.