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Switching to a Natural Diet

yum_soup.jpgCasey’s Hidden Pantry advocates slow changes when introducing new foods.  Many pets are accustomed to sterile, heat treated kibbles and won’t recognize the raw food as edible. By doing the change gradually, not only are you minimizing any mental stress on both you and your pet, but you are minimizing digestive track stress as well.

Start by adding putting some of the old food into a storage container. Add a little of the new food to it - just a few pieces will be fine. Now the new food will take on the aroma of the food your pet is accustomed to. The amount of old food will also "hide" the new food, and more than likely your pet will eat the new food without knowing!

Gradually increase the percentage of new food included with the old food. Eventually your pet will eat the new food by itself.

Another method you can use is to create a soup. Mix about 75% kibble and 25% new food in a bowl. Add water and let soak over night. The next day, add a little warm water and stir until the soup is smooth. Put some of the soup onto the paw or nose of your finicky pet. Your pet will instinctively try to lick it off, and in the process taste the new food. Gradually decrease the amount of kibble in the soup.