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What's Wrong With Kibble?

kibble.jpgKibble is made by grinding the ingredients into a powder and then adding water to make a dough.† The dough is put into an extruder which bakes the dough and pushes it out through a die.† As the dough is pushed out through the die, a blade cuts pieces off, creating the cute little shapes we are used to seeing. The shapes are then baked into crispy little pieces, sprayed with oils, flavors and preservatives, and then packaged into bags. Kibble is very convenient, and therefore is the most common choice to feed our pets.† It has unlimited shelf life, and is sanitary if pieces fall out of the feeding dishes onto our floors.

One of the problems with kibble is that it is very hard. Pathology reports show how teeth have worn down due to kibble diets.† Dogs and cats do not eat as frequently as ferrets, and their teeth are wider, therefore their teeth donít show as much damage as ferret teeth.

grade2.jpg - 13151 BytesA second problem with kibble is that it doesnít clean teeth as earlier reports stated.† Kibble is actually harder than tooth enamel and can cut and scrape into the teeth.† Pieces of the kibble can get stuck in the crevices as well as along the gum line, and become infected.† The infection travels the blood stream and has been known to cause kidney and heart disease.†

There are alternatives to kibble diets.† If you like the convenience of being able to keep pet food for long periods of time in your pantry, you can look at freeze dried foods.† Caseyís Hidden Pantry offers a few of these foods, ones that our ferrets have given their stamp of approval.† As these diets are commercially prepared by animal nutritionists and overseen by veterinarians, you can be assured that your pet is receiving 100% complete diets.† The only thing missing from these diets is the hardness, as well as the fillers, additives, and preservatives that are required to produce kibble. You will still have to brush your petís teeth when feeding these foods, but their teeth will not erode due to the hardness of the kibble.

If you still are hesitant and donít want to give up kibble, we would ask that you at least start moistening the kibble a bit.† Your petís teeth will thank you for it!