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The importance of raw
How Kibble is made
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Our Facebook Page
Casey's Hidden Pantry: Curent information about our products and our shows.

Items in our Pantry

Animal Food Services NaturVet
Stella and Chewys ZiwiPeak

Information on Raw Diets for Pets
Pet Synergy: An overview of nutrition for cats and dogs Interesting website which explains why raw is beneficial to your pets health List of common misconceptions about raw feeding Information about feeding your cats a raw diet

Holistic Ferret
A site dedicated to teaching others why a natural diet is essential for a ferrets health

Mark Drugs
Compounding Pharmacy which can even make flagyl taste better! Shelves have healthy treats and foods for pets.

Ness Exotic Wellness Center
Our vets! The vets at this practice support raw feeding

How to Clean and Care for your Ferret
A great place to learn about ferrets!

Homemade Ferret Bedding and Toys
The Hidey Hole: Profits of every sale go to help ferret shelters!
4-Pawz: Custom bedding and liners.
Purrfect Play: Dedicated to producing wonderful pet products crafted exclusively from organic, chemical free, and fair-trade materials.
Scrivener's Retreat: A former GCFA member now offers a wonderful selection of plush creations your little furry friend will adore

Our Favorite Shelters
Greater Chicago Ferret Association: The local ferret shelter where we adopted Casey and many other ferrets
Zoo's Ferret Sanctuary: Another local rescue - dedicated to saving ferrets from bad situations
Critter Camp: Another Illinois rescue - dedicated to saving ferrets as well as other animals
Warm Fuzzies Ferret Rescue: Our friends in Northern Michigan. Rescuing ferrets, and feeding them natural and raw!
Young at Heart Pet Rescue: A very special rescue, dedicated to saving elderly dogs and cats