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Why Are Raw Foods Better Than Cooked?

Every living being needs certain essential  amino acids and enzymes  in order to live a healthy life.  For carnivores, these essential nutrients are found in meat.  Cooking meat at temperatures greater than 117 degrees F destroys these enzymes and amino acids. 

Kibble is usually cooked in heats of excess of 212 degrees F, thereby destroying all the essential elements.  Kibble pet food manufacturers add these elements back in, usually by spraying them on after the process.  Synthetic vitamins and minerals often do not have the same structure as the original, natural form and therefore their efficiency and use by the body is decreased.

By feeding raw diets, you are ensuring that your pet is getting his essential amino acids and enzymes in their natural state and in their purest form.

The foods offered at Casey’s Hidden Pantry are either naturally dried, or flash frozen, thereby maintaining the meat’s natural nutrients.